I was born and raised in England, but moved to the USA back in the 1980's. I currently live and work in Chico, California.

I have been an amateur photographer for many years, beginning in the 1970's with a Praktica SLR and Carl Zeiss Jena and Tamron lenses. Most of my cameras since have been from Pentax. I currently shoot mostly digital with a K20D, but still get out my ME-Super and film on occasion. I use both older Pentax lenses from the SMC-M and SMC-A series, as well as modern DA* lenses from Pentax.

Chico ("The City of Trees") is a very safe and pleasant place to live and raise kids. There is a University here (Chico State University, California) that keeps things lively and interesting. There is very good theatre and music here or within easy driving distances. We have a great deal of farming - mostly nuts (almonds, walnuts, pecans) and fruits (apples plums, peaches) plus a large amount of rice a little south of here. The Sierra Nevada brewery (wonderful real authentic ales, stouts, porters and much more) is here, and we have world-famous art glass. Summers here in the Central Valley are hot and dry, but winters are mild and Fall and Spring are gorgeous.

Many of the pictures here are taken in one or more areas of Bidwell Park - one of the largest urban parks in the USA, created by Annie Bidwell - one of the original Gold-Rush settler families here who provisioned the "49-er" miners of the 1840's Califiornia Gold Rush.